How to prepare for your newborn shoot | Berkshire photographer

Photographing newborns is so special and I absolutely love doing it.

A newborn shoot normally last between 2-4 hours, this allows time for feeding, changing and settling your little ones and all sessions take place in the comfort of your own home.

If possible please crank up the heating before I arrive so that we can keep your little ones as relaxed and hopefully as sleepy as possible


My shoots are leaning more to the lifestyle genre, so although the babies are posed, these will be baby lead poses. I will not be happy to put your newborns into position that I feel are unsafe for them, like the frog poses. Yes they actually call it that !

I do aim to get a few photos of both parents with their newborn as I honestly believe that we need to be in more pictures with our babies and not just in phone selfies. Please do not stress about what you look like, you are beautiful and that will show in the images. The main focus is on the connection between you all. For these pictures all we need is a room with good natural light .

What to wear

The main thing is to be comfortable, go barefoot with lose bottoms or a flowy dress. Try to avoid black and neon colours. Try to stick with neutral /light colours that will match the softness of your newborn.

Dad’s, nothing too bold in patterns, try not to be too matchy with mum, t-shirt in lighter colours or button down shirts are great .

For the babies, on the day of your photography session I will bring some blankets and wraps to use, but the simpler the better, either no clothes or a white baby vest looks great. If you have any specific blankets that you wish to use that is not a problem at all. I do not tend to use props in my photos but if there is something that you want photographed do not hesitate to let me know

Best time for shoots

The best time for a newborn shoot is when your little one is between 4-14 days old this is when they are at their most sleepy and we can move then around with out them getting too cranky. mid morning is often better than the afternoon, around 10am.

If you have any other questions just let me know.