all about me

Ria Brennan, your next photographer

I just thought I would just get on here and tell you a little about me and why I got into photography.

i was born and bread in the wonderful west London but I am now based in a small village called Wraysbury which is about 10 min from Windsor, Berkshire. I have been in photography for 10 years now, shooting weddings, families and newborn’s. Although my style has changed through the years, my main focus is to capture people in a way that others see them, their true natural self.

My Family

I am a mum of two children a 5 year old and a 3 year old and you will see tone of photos of them on my site. I think after having them my passion really grew. I love to take photos of them being silly and crazy because that is what they are. My kids are the real driving force of my photography, because I see how quickly they grow. I know as a mum I want to capture as much as I can as we all slowly forget how small they really were.


My love of photography

When I was younger I loved looking through my aunt’s photo albums (she had loads of them.) Seeing photos of me and my family gave me a glimpse of life once forgotten. I would go through pages of printed photos, all in those sticky back albums. Photos of my mum and dad when they were younger, baby photos of me and my brother, photos of me and my grandparents. I loved them.

After uni I started working for a photography studio, it was there where I honed my skills in studio photography, I did photography course and editing courses but I felt something was missing. I became bored of the same staged poses that the studios want you to do.

Once leaving the job and being a little disheartened about my hobby, I moved to a normal 9/5 job and took up doing weddings on the side. Boom my passion was back. I could really put my own spin on to my own work. I could meet the clients, get to know them and their families and try to bring their personalities to life in the photos of their big day. I loved it.

Life after Kids

Unfortunately, weddings had to slow down after my two amazing children came along. I couldn’t work all week then spend my weekends doing a 12 hour shoot and then editing in every free moment. I missed my babies too much. But this is where I found out what my real passion was, my kids. I wanted to capture as much as I could of them so that they too could one day get those photo albums out and go through all my memories and see how I saw them. I didn’t want them to have iphone images that are store on a cloud never to be seen again. I wanted well printed, great quality photos that they don’t need to swipe through.

So, I went back to my camera and started again. As much as I loved the posed photos I wanted to capture the true moments between my two little babies. I wanted the chaos and the wild hair, the giggles and the jumping, the closeness and the snuggles. I changed my style to capture these and became more of a lifestyle photographer.